Use and maintenance of Cast film line
Use and maintenance of Cast film line


Use and maintenance of Cast film line

In the extrusion belt forgeding of the casting machine, the plastic particles are plasticized by the screw, so extruded in a very linear state through the die of the flat die. once stretching, the plastic particles are connected to the surface of a versatile substrate comparable to paper, film, non-woven cloth or woven fabric. Finally, after cooling and forming for a amount of time, the cast film machine presses the material with the characteristics of the film layer. This composite material has barrier properties and warmth sealability. the most purpose of the cast film machine is to coat films such as optical maser printing, inkjet printing, and alternative coated papers and tapes. The oil-based coating machine has a lot of distinctive blessings than the water-based coating machine. It will create the finished product higher in water resistance, sun protection and abrasion resistance, as a result of the most characteristics of the oil-based coating film are waterproof, moisture-proof and UV-proof, and it may be recurrent Coating, saving costs.

How to maintain the cast film machine in daily use

Casting machine, also known as squeeze casting compound machine, is mainly an extrusion molding machine with high degree of automation, simple operation and fast production speed. It was first used in the United States and Europe, and developed quite mature in the United States and Europe. In recent years, it has gradually been applied in China. Coating machines have gradually replaced dry mix and hot melt adhesive coating machines. In daily life, the coating machine should be used to maintain the coating machine in order to achieve the effect of long service life.

1. After use, carefully check whether the temperature control device of the casting machine is intact, and control the heating temperature of each point within a certain range

2. Check whether the pulling speed of the casting machine is within the normal range and control the film thickness. If necessary, adjust the film thickness evenly, and the bending diameter should meet the standard range

3. Check the purity of the raw materials, do not mix in impurities, especially some iron, therefore, check with iron in time, control the ratio of the raw materials, and mix them evenly when using the raw materials.

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