SMF’s CPP cast film extrusion line machine
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SMF’s CPP cast film extrusion line machine is Mainly suitable for producing Hygiene, medical treatment, packaging field and various food and industrial packaging film. SMF’s CPP cast film extrusion line machine offer multiple choice, such as 2 layer, 3 layer or 5 layers film co-extrusion. The layer number of Co-extrusion can be selected according to the market demand.

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Product Detail
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SMF's CPP cast film extrusion line machine


Product parameter

Our CPP Cast film extrusion line machine with standard 3-layer feedblock and three extruder for the production of CPP film, But the market is respectively for demand four and five layers, five screw structure also. SMF's CPP Cast film extrusion line machine with co- extrusion flat DIE with hanger shape is able to contain fixed or variable deckling system, which allows finished product width changed Effectively. In order to achieve better performance of the separate layer feedblock, the use of multi-channel composite DIE is sometimes recommended for polymer structures with large melt viscosity or process temperature differences

Product category CPP Film
Structure form A / B / C (20%:60%:20%)
Product thickness 20µm-100µm
DIE Width 3800
Net film width Less than 3500mm
Material using Casting level PP material.
Maximum extruding volume about 900 kg / h
Max. Machine speed 250m/min (max)
Winding diameter ≤φ800mm


Product details



CPP film with characteristics as good transparency, high gloss, good stiffness, good moisture resistance, good heat resistance, easy heat sealing and so on. CPP film through printing, bag making, suitable for garments, knitwear and flower packaging bags, Files and albums film, Food packaging, and barrier packaging and decorative metallized film. Potential applications also included food outer packaging, candy packaging (twisted conjunctiva), pharmaceutical packaging (infusion bag)

CPP film with excellent heat resistance feature. Because the softening point of PP is about 140 degrees, this kind of film can be used in hot filling, retort bag, aseptic packaging and other fields, in addition, CPP film with good characteristic as acid- resisting, alkali-resisting, Grease Resistant, which make it become the first choice of bread product packaging or laminating materials. Safe contact with food, excellent demonstration performance, flavor of the food will be affected, and can choose different grades of resin to obtain the desired characteristics


Product advantages

— Owing to their good optical and mechanical properties, cast films play a significant role in the flexible packaging market. In most cases printing, metallizing or laminating with other materials represent the subsequent processes in the value chain.

— Both, film producers and converters, expect high film quality and cost-efficient production. SUNNY can supply our customers with highly functional machines for their specific market requirements

— It is important to ensure the efficient use in every film layer in consideration of that raw material be the main part of the cost for the production of cast films. Multi-components feeding Blender system will be supply according to customer formula and requirements. Below two Feeding system for selection:

— All extruder barrels are heated using advanced heating system, thus retaining the heat in the barrel.

— FEEDBLOCK Technical Advantages
Suitable for processing multilayer and multicolor coextrusion of polymers with similar flow rate and processing temperature.
Conventional feed block structures including: insert type,mandril type,vane type. Besides, dedicated feed block for gradient film and hollow sheet.
Accurate flow channel design assures perfect processing precision.

— As a professional supplier of cast film lines, SMF relies exclusively on reliable partners for its feedblocks and flat dies.
3-layer feedblock with three extruders is standard for the production of CPP film, but there is also market demand for structures with five layers and four respectively five extruders.
In order to achieve better performance in terms of the individual layer distribution, multi-manifold laminating dies are sometimes recommended for the structures using polymers with large differences in melt viscosity or processing temperature.



— Video Technical support;
— Online support;
— Spare parts;
— Free on-site service two times a year aperiodicity;
— Non-stop telephone support, Remote control maintenance system;
— Client Training Service
— Technical Service promise
— Break down analyze
—Top standard machinery can be provided, also all kinds of modifications can be customized according to customer specific requirements




— Professional experience since 1998;
— Industry and trade combination with competitive factory price;
— Have independent management right to import and export;
— Have independent management right to apply certificate of origin, FE, FA etc with our title;
— Innovation and leading supplier of slitting and rewinding machines for the post-processing of special materials such as paper and cigarette paper or tobacco label, film, aluminum foil and aseptic packaging etc. The range of products includes slitting and rewinding machines for production and post-processing as well as rewinding machines, inspection machines and winding machines;

— Tailor-made according to customer specific requirements;

Tailor-made process 1
Customer demands determine by meeting, email or telephone. According to the customer’s needs and bargain, a best solution will be provided to customer. Our Engineer will make drawing according to customer needs, or customer shows us what they need, or choose from our available standard machinery.

Tailor-made process 2
According to the solution of first step, our team will prepare drawing accordingly. It includes technical parameters, and all the solutions of machine.

Tailor-made process 3
When everything ready, and after customer finalized project, our team will start to produce according to the drawing. Machine production step as below: - requirements finalized by customer – drawing will be provide to customer for confirmation – Initiate to purchase components – assembly in our workshop – any machine processing will be taken photo to customer checking – trial running in our workshop – inform customer come to our factory for official test running acceptance – preparing for shipment – send all documents to customer by DHL

Tailor-made process 4
Our sales team will take photo, videos during loading container and send to customer checking

Manufacturing process
1. Design
2. Processing
3. Assembly
4. software programming
5. Debugging
6. Shipment
7. Installation
8. After-sale service



1. What is your T-DIE brand use?

2. What kind of T-DIE do u use?
Re: We have two kinds of T-DIE, Automatic T-DIE and manual T-DIE?

3. What kind of screen exchanger does your CPP Line use? And how long to change the filter?
RE: Long-life strainer filter, it takes half hour to change the filter.

3. How about the L/D and compression ratio of your CPP production line?
Re: L/D 35:1, 33:1. The compression ratio 1:2.5

4. What is the material of the screw and the rotation speed of the screw for your CPP Cast film line?
Re: Bi-metal screw, rotate speed of screw is 0-75rpm.

5. What is the heating method?
Re: Electric heating

6. What kind of resin can be use?
Re: HOMOPOLYMER, COPOLYMER, TPU elastomer, metallocene


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