Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder
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Duplex slitter rewinder machine is mainly use for Plain CPP, VMCPP to meet different applications of our customer. Duplex slitter rewinder Machine Reserved space of corona treatment, customer can add the corona treatment to the machine according to their demand.

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Product Detail
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Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder


Product parameter

Slitting Material CPP, MCPP
Unwind spec. Max. diameter: 800 mm
Unwind film width: 200-1300 mm
Working Speed 300 mpm
Slitting Type By Razor slitting
Rewind Spec. Max. diameter: 600mm
Min. rewind width: 50mm
Rewind paper-core: 3-inch and 6-inch
Maximum Rewind width: 1300 mm
friction shaft 3-inch and 6-inch, effective width 50-1300mm)
Certificates: Machine with ECM Certificate
Shipping Delivery & Seaworth Packing: 90 Days Timely Delivery Time
for repeated packing and unloading;
-Reasonable for long-haul stockpiling period;
Service: 14 months warranty period;
Out of warranty service:
Video Technical support;
Online support;
Spare parts;
Free on-site service two times a year aperiodicity;
Non-stop telephone support, Remote control maintenance system;
Client Training Service
Technical Service promise
Break down analyze


Product details




Product advantages

1. High degree of automation
SMF’s Duplex slitter rewinder machine with automatic constant tension, active unwind and taper tension control, rewind and stop tension maintenance function and Automatic Line and edge web guiding function

2. Hight degree of Human actions
SMF's Duplex slitter rewinder machine with Siemens HMI, programmable controller (PLC), digital module, and YASKAWA AC Servo Motor drive rewind, YASKAWA servo motor drive traction. Make the whole machine linear speed and three section tension realize dynamic synchronous automatic control, realize soft start, soft stop

3. The electrical control of the whole machine use one control point only, the same command can complete the synchronous automatic control of unwind, rewind and three sections of tension

4. Both Rewind and Unwind are equipped with emergency stop buttons, safe and reliable.

5. Rewind adopts high precision laser lamp Auxiliary paper tube positioning.

6. Electromotion auxiliary unloading system

7. HMI visualization system accomplishes Representation of machine condition

8. Whole machine adopts mechanical structure of easy operation, easy assembly, easy disassembly, easy maintenance

9. Control System
-SIEMENS PLC Programmable controller
-SIEMENS 4DA Extended module
-SIEMENS 12-inch HMI
-SIEMENS Unwind tension setting



— Video Technical support;
— Online support;
— Spare parts;
— Free on-site service two times a year aperiodicity;
— Non-stop telephone support, Remote control maintenance system;
— Client Training Service
— Technical Service promise
— Break down analyze
—Top standard machinery can be provided, also all kinds of modifications can be customized according to customer specific requirements




— Professional experience since 1998;
— Industry and trade combination with competitive factory price;
— Have independent management right to import and export;
— Have independent management right to apply certificate of origin, FE, FA etc with our title;
— Innovation and leading supplier of slitting and rewinding machines for the post-processing of special materials such as paper and cigarette paper or tobacco label, film, aluminum foil and aseptic packaging etc. The range of products includes slitting and rewinding machines for production and post-processing as well as rewinding machines, inspection machines and winding machines;

— Tailor-made according to customer specific requirements;

Tailor-made process 1
Customer demands determine by meeting, email or telephone. According to the customer’s needs and bargain, a best solution will be provided to customer. Our Engineer will make drawing according to customer needs, or customer shows us what they need, or choose from our available standard machinery.

Tailor-made process 2
According to the solution of first step, our team will prepare drawing accordingly. It includes technical parameters, and all the solutions of machine.

Tailor-made process 3
When everything ready, and after customer finalized project, our team will start to produce according to the drawing. Machine production step as below: - requirements finalized by customer – drawing will be provide to customer for confirmation – Initiate to purchase components – assembly in our workshop – any machine processing will be taken photo to customer checking – trial running in our workshop – inform customer come to our factory for official test running acceptance – preparing for shipment – send all documents to customer by DHL

Tailor-made process 4
Our sales team will take photo, videos during loading container and send to customer checking

Manufacturing process
1. Design
2. Processing
3. Assembly
4. software programming
5. Debugging
6. Shipment
7. Installation
8. After-sale service



1. We are now looking to buy the small slitter 1300mm, and need corona treatment on the slitter, ok?
Re: yes, we can give you optional for the corona treatment and also we will reserved the space for corona treatment. You can buy it by yourself then install it on the slitter.

2. For the trim width, what is the minimum your slitter can achieve?
Re: 8-30mm

2. Does your slitter 1300mm with both direction for the unwind?
Re: Yes. With two direction, clockwise and counterclockwise.

3. If 3-inch and 6-inch can be share to use
Re: Yes

4. What is your payment term conditions?
Re: T/T or Irrevocable L/C at sight.


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