CPP Film Slitting Machine
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SMF's Primary Slitter Rewinder for Various CPP film with offset shift flip structure. Any jumbo roll quality can be processed by most different unwind units and dancer roll systems.

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Product Detail
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CPP Film Slitting Machine


Product parameter

Unique entirely machine designed, structure is concise, advanced and reasonable, sturdy and durable. Adopting unique design, insured machine operation is easy and simple to handle, raw material adaptation is good, material BOPET, BOPP, CPP Retort Film are suitable for slitting.

Slitting Material BOPET, BOPP, CPP Retort Film
Thickness 10-350um
Unwind spec. Max. diameter: 1000 mm
Unwind film width: 3000 mm
Paper-core: 3-inch, 6-inch
Working Speed 0-600 mpm
Slitting Type By Razor slitting
Rewind Spec. Max. diameter: 1000mm
Min. rewind width: 450mm
Normal rewind width: 1650 mm
Full width Rewind width: 3000 mm
Rewind station: 5units
Certificates: Machine with ECM Certificate
Shipping Delivery & Seaworth Packing: 65 -180 Days Timely Delivery Time
for repeated packing and unloading;
-Reasonable for long-haul stockpiling period;
Service: 14 months warranty period;
Out of warranty service:
Video Technical support;
Online support;
Spare parts;
Free on-site service two times a year aperiodicity;
Non-stop telephone support, Remote control maintenance system;
Client Training Service
Technical Service promise
Break down analyze


Product details



SMF's Primary Slitter Rewinder provided to one of Europe's leading packaging manufacturers who develops and produces high-barrier packaging films and pouches for the food, pharma and non-food industries.


Product advantages

1. Machine rack is made of solid steel plate, steel plate and thickness of big wallboard is 95mm.

2. Portal Frame Stand Column is equipped with agravic double rollers Dancing device with sensitiveness reaction, tension of film adjusted by Dancing roller floating

3. Razor blade and blade grooved roller are comprised of Slitting System. Knife rest installed on the linear guiderail, Razor position and angle can be adjustable, razor blade is made of specific steel material customized, keenness and durable, general size and national standards. Razor rest locking is fastness, convenient to adjust.

4. Blade setting by manual. Manual fast moving blades, each blade installed electronic position display that is convenience and accuracy in place, high work efficiency

5. Each blade holder will add 1 laser positioning device that is convenient for the rewind arms positioning and paper installation

6. Rewind structure surface to center winding type.

7. By controlling rewind Motor moment of force and rewind touch pressure, to achieve control rewind tension. According to rewind diameter, rewind width, rotate inertia and setting tension, tension curve etc parameters, Data from PLC calculated and outputting control signal to rewind Motor , and outputting corresponding moment of force. According to rewind width, Tension curve, Tension setting and so on, Data from PLC calculated and outputting signal to precision electric proportional valve I/P, outputting corresponding pressure to rewind air cylinder.

8. An independent tension control system equipped with each group rewind station.

9. Rewind part is equipped with KICKERT, Gearmany (Safety light curtain) protection device inter-lock with machine

10. Signal display including running situation display, fault display, emergency shut-down display, running switch display


Project cases

SMF's Primary Slitter Rewinder provided to RC-Film Ltd., Co in Thailand. Machine running well and get high praise from customers, customer tell us the truth is that SMF's machine not second to the machine they purchased from Europe.



— Video Technical support;
— Online support;
— Spare parts;
— Free on-site service two times a year aperiodicity;
— Non-stop telephone support, Remote control maintenance system;
— Client Training Service
— Technical Service promise
— Break down analyze
—Top standard machinery can be provided, also all kinds of modifications can be customized according to customer specific requirements




— Professional experience since 1998;
— Industry and trade combination with competitive factory price;
— Have independent management right to import and export;
— Have independent management right to apply certificate of origin, FE, FA etc with our title;
— Innovation and leading supplier of slitting and rewinding machines for the post-processing of special materials such as paper and cigarette paper or tobacco label, film, aluminum foil and aseptic packaging etc. The range of products includes slitting and rewinding machines for production and post-processing as well as rewinding machines, inspection machines and winding machines;

— Tailor-made according to customer specific requirements;

Tailor-made process 1
Customer demands determine by meeting, email or telephone. According to the customer’s needs and bargain, a best solution will be provided to customer. Our Engineer will make drawing according to customer needs, or customer shows us what they need, or choose from our available standard machinery.

Tailor-made process 2
According to the solution of first step, our team will prepare drawing accordingly. It includes technical parameters, and all the solutions of machine.

Tailor-made process 3
When everything ready, and after customer finalized project, our team will start to produce according to the drawing. Machine production step as below: - requirements finalized by customer – drawing will be provide to customer for confirmation – Initiate to purchase components – assembly in our workshop – any machine processing will be taken photo to customer checking – trial running in our workshop – inform customer come to our factory for official test running acceptance – preparing for shipment – send all documents to customer by DHL

Tailor-made process 4
Our sales team will take photo, videos during loading container and send to customer checking

Manufacturing process
1. Design
2. Processing
3. Assembly
4. software programming
5. Debugging
6. Shipment
7. Installation
8. After-sale service



Customer required options
Good afternoon Janey,
Based on latest inputs, Let me conclude what we have discussed and inputs in below list in “Blue”. Would you send us if any updated quotations of machine base and options.
Machine base (3000 mm, Razor with groove roller, 5 Slitting arms (out side 2, inside 3). Options and detailed input as following mail.

1. Motor moving and locking the Slitting arms.
Option as seen on the 4.5m machine.

2. Digital-Electronic linear scale for Roll width measurement. Multi-points detectors.
Only one set equip on the outside Slitter units.

3. Trim rewinding units.
Please quote as an option.

4. Safety: Unwinding safety line stop
Emergency stops at suitable points.
Other points you may recommend.
Please quote as an option.

5. Machine layouts (top and front) with the control panel on the floor.
Received already.

6. Identify the operating side.
How far of the Control Panel from the machine (L).
The operating side as below reference, distance 2.0 m from the control panel.

7. The (black) press roller sizes and quantities.
1400 mm 2 units.
1200 mm 3 units
1000 mm 2 units
800 mm 2 units
600 mm 5 units


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