Co Extrusion PP Cast film line
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This machine takes polypropylene (PP) as raw material, adopts co-extrusion casting method to produce film products, which is widely used in flexible packaging industry

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Product Detail
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Co Extrusion PP Cast film line


Product parameter

This machine is comprised of Extruding platform, Extruder and Screen Exchange connect device, 3layers Allocator, DIE, Vacuum Chamber, Edge pinning, Casting forming, Temper unit, Thickness gauge, Corona treatment, Traction, Edge trimming, Contact roller forward & backward and Full automatic Rewind, Rim charge broken online unit, Electric control unit, Circulating water pump and control unit.

Product category 3layer Co-extrusion Casting Film line
Structure form A/B/C
Product thickness 20µm---100µm;
Thickness deviation ≤±3%
Material using Casting level PP material.
Maximum extruding volume about 500 kg / h
Machine speed 200m/min (max)
Winding diameter ≤φ800mm


Product details



Application: it is widely used in food packing, medicine flexible package, stationery film, metalize film etc
Masks; food packaging bag; tissue packaging bag; Metalize film; packaging bag


Product advantages

— Screw design with a special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design, good plasticizing performance, good mixing effect, to achieve high output.

— Optional full automatic adjustment T-DIE and with APC Control automatic thickness gauge, online automatic measure the film thickness and automatic adjust the T-DIE. Greatly improve the thickness uniformity of the film and control accuracy

— Cooling forming roller with a special spiral structure flow channel design, which ensure excellent film cooling forming effect and mechanical property at high speed production.

— Edge scrap directly on-line recycling, greatly save production costs. Energy conservation and environmental protection promote environmentally friendly production

— Full automatic central rewind, with high quality tension controller, film roll automatic change and cut off device, easy and safe operation
The production line is mainly used for manufacturer three / five layer of co-extrusion CPP film.


Project cases



— Video Technical support;
— Online support;
— Spare parts;
— Free on-site service two times a year aperiodicity;
— Non-stop telephone support, Remote control maintenance system;
— Client Training Service
— Technical Service promise
— Break down analyze
—Top standard machinery can be provided, also all kinds of modifications can be customized according to customer specific requirements




— Professional experience since 1998;
— Industry and trade combination with competitive factory price;
— Have independent management right to import and export;
— Have independent management right to apply certificate of origin, FE, FA etc with our title;
— Innovation and leading supplier of slitting and rewinding machines for the post-processing of special materials such as paper and cigarette paper or tobacco label, film, aluminum foil and aseptic packaging etc. The range of products includes slitting and rewinding machines for production and post-processing as well as rewinding machines, inspection machines and winding machines;

— Tailor-made according to customer specific requirements;

Tailor-made process 1
Customer demands determine by meeting, email or telephone. According to the customer’s needs and bargain, a best solution will be provided to customer. Our Engineer will make drawing according to customer needs, or customer shows us what they need, or choose from our available standard machinery.

Tailor-made process 2
According to the solution of first step, our team will prepare drawing accordingly. It includes technical parameters, and all the solutions of machine.

Tailor-made process 3
When everything ready, and after customer finalized project, our team will start to produce according to the drawing. Machine production step as below: - requirements finalized by customer – drawing will be provide to customer for confirmation – Initiate to purchase components – assembly in our workshop – any machine processing will be taken photo to customer checking – trial running in our workshop – inform customer come to our factory for official test running acceptance – preparing for shipment – send all documents to customer by DHL

Tailor-made process 4
Our sales team will take photo, videos during loading container and send to customer checking

Manufacturing process
1. Design
2. Processing
3. Assembly
4. software programming
5. Debugging
6. Shipment
7. Installation
8. After-sale service



1. What kind of brand of the motor does your CPP Line co-extrusion casting film line use?

2. We are flexible packaging producers, now working on new project: production of cpp film and metalizing it?
Re: What is the product finished width?

2. CPP Line must be with automatic DIE, thickness gauge and corona treatment?
Re: Yes, Sure

3. What is the total connected power required in KW?
Re: Total power required around 650KW

4. What kind of Screen Exchange does your casting film line use?
Re: Long-life filtrator with large filter area

5. What is the brand of your corona treatment

6. How about the thickness gauge does your cast film line use?
Re: In answer to the differing regulations in customer countries and specific product needs, SMF supplies automatic gauging systems either with infrared, X-ray sensors made by SCANTECH FRANCE.


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