Method of transmission speed ratio of rewinder
Method of transmission speed ratio of rewinder


Method of transmission speed ratio of rewinder

1. The rewinder stabilizes the linear speed of the paper feeding belt conveyancing the bottom paper web. The paper feeding belt of this rewinder is driven by a V-belt through a stepless speed-regulating wheel. once the output force of this kind of speed-regulating wheel is large, the driving speed of the V-belt is getting ready to the border of the speed-regulating wheel. a lot of stable. so as to realize such a stable transmission effect, you'll be able to bit by bit modify the speed quantitative relation of the most engine casing to hamper the linear speed of the winding roller. At a similar time, adjust the speed management handwheels of the device belt of the bottom paper rack so the 3 sets of transmission V-belts are within the border of the stepless speed control wheel is during a cheap position till the linear speed of the winding roller and therefore the paper feeding belt are consistent.

2. After the rewinder is adjusted, the pressure roller pressure gap allows the paper web to be naturally and smoothly transported between the paper feeding belt and the winding roller. The back pressure roller is the middle link of the paper web conveying process. If the adjusted gap is too small, the paper web will wrinkle and sag. If the gap is too large, the three layers of paper webs will not come together and will be easily delaminated and broken, which will affect the speed of the paper web. Rewinding quality. After adjusting the pressure roller, you should slowly increase the pressure gap from small to large, so that the paper web just does not wrinkle or sag, and then the positioning screws can be locked.

3. Adjust the arc shaft behind the punching knife. This arc-shaped shaft serves as a transition shaft for the final spread of the entire paper before the paper web is wound up. The height of its position and the size of the working arc not only affect the smoothness of the paper web, but also affect the stability of the paper web conveying. When the arc-shaped shaft is too high, the paper web is scratched by the perforated face knife, and the jitter will break the paper. When the position is too low, the paper web will be scratched to the perforated low knife and easily break. Generally adjust the position and height of the arc-shaped shaft so that when the paper web passes through the punching knife, the bottom layer is 5~8 mm higher than the punching bottom knife. The smaller the working arc of the arc-shaped shaft, the better, and the paper does not wrinkle.

4. The rewinder adjusts the internal gear chain and external chain of the main gearbox to make the transmission of the whole machine more stable. When the rewinder is running, it is controlled by automatic acceleration and deceleration procedures to control frequent start and stop, and complete automatic trimming, sealing and rewinding actions, so the stability of the transmission ratio of the gearbox is required to be high. By tightening the internal gear chain and the external chain, the chain slipping and tooth skipping can be avoided, making the speed ratio more stable during frequent acceleration and deceleration. After tensioning, the upper side line of the toothed chain can be moved up and down with a range of about 5 to 8 mm.

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