How to print labels
How to print labels

Labels refer to all the labels, tags, text, graphics, and symbols on or attached to the packaging container. It is a description of product quality characteristics, safety characteristics, eating and drinking instructions, etc. Don't look at the label as a small piece, but there are still many aspects that need attention in the process of label design and printing.

For an original label design file, according to the different content on the design draft, the design content should first be divided into different functional layers, mainly including Call Out (content annotation layer), Artwork (content layer), Technical Detail Layer (technical parameter layer) ), Technical Graphic Layer (cutting line layer), Die Cut (cutting layer), Varnish (varnish layer) and Title Block Layer (design information layer), etc. Each functional layer has its own characteristics and needs to be set one by one. When the design draft completed by the design company is handed over to the plate-making staff of the pre-press company or printing plant for printing, face-to-face communication between the designer of the design company and the plate-making staff is no longer required, and the plate-making staff can fully follow the unified production Standard post-production, which improves work efficiency.

To print a good label, the premise is to design a good label. This design should be broad. It includes the type of label design, the materials used in the label design, the labeling position and scope of the label design, and the pattern of the label design. Wait.

The second is to choose the right printing method

After the label type and label material are designed, the next step is to make the designed pattern very easy to print, in other words, the design that best fits a specific printing method. But for the entire printing industry, the color registration requirements are low, the light-colored mesh is high, the gradation range is large, the small yin and yang fonts are large, there is no large area of gold or silver, the pattern is simple and the color matching and beautiful design is The easiest to print beautifully.

Choose suitable printing inks and formulate reasonable printing (including color separation and plate making, printing ink control, printing process and technical control of each process, etc.). Among them, the two key points of control that need to be done are: printing ink Control and be responsible for the technical control of the subsequent processing.

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